The objective of the media centre is to produce high-quality audio visual programmes and developing multimedia content. in adition to this, the centre also engages in conducting research on media techonologies and education-related topis, training of necessary human resources and promotion of visual media cultures in the university system. Since its inception, the EMMRC centre is involved in production and development of videos and rich media content for the higher education sector. The productions of EMMRC, Calicut University has received wide acclaim and won numerous national and state awards.


The Consortium for Educational communication (CEC) was established by the UGC in 1993 to co-ordinate the activities of the 17 EMMRCs involved in producing educational documentaries, lecture series and e-content modules on undergraduate subjects. Besides managing telecast streams on Vyas, 24-hour UGC higher education TV channel, the CEC programmes are telecast on DD1, DD Bharathi and Gyan Darshan.
CEC organizes e-content development workshops for teachers and also provides financial assistance to those interested in developing e-content modules.

Annually CEC also organises Video Competition and Prakriti.Prakriti is an annual film festival on environment,human rights & development.Video Competition is an annual competition meant to nurture within media centres and other educational institutes in the country.
National & International conventions,conference in the field of education and communication are the main academic events orgainsed by CEC.
CEC regularly organize various capacity building programmes,technical & production related trainings, workshops on issue concerning to media,web enabled learning.production strategies,administration & accounts etc.
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