Admission to the workshop

Admission to the workshop is limited to 50 participants on first come first in basis.Each participant must bring a laptop computer installed with the open software Figma, G-Docs or Google fonts.

Please note that the centre will not provide accommodation for participants.

Sl No Participant Category Fee in Rs
1 Student 150/-
2 General Public 250/-

The Fee is exempted for SC/ST student candidates.

The fee has to be paid to the following Account using bank transfer or UPI transaction only. The payment receipt / document supporting fee relaxation (soft copy) has to be presented at the time of registration on the first day of workshop.

Account No: 57018327378

IFSC : SBIN0070200

Bank : State Bank of India

Branch : Calicut University Branch

For more information, please call , Rajan Thomas, JRO, EMMRC - 9495108193

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Workshop on Typography & Visual Design 

June 23 – 24, 2022 | EMMRC Calicut | Ramu Aravindan

Typography, or the art/technique of using typefaces, is all around us - in the way news is structured in our daily papers, in the clarity and hierarchy of information within the tiny space of our mobile apps, in lettermarks (or logos), in the contrast of lettering on a public hoarding as it stands out from the surrounding clutter. When we choose fonts and visuals for an attractive presentation, we also practice typography to some degree. So, what are the elements of typography? How does it function as a fundamental building block of visual communication (or visual / graphic design)? Is the relationship between text and font akin to that between word and voice? How does one use the form of text to communicate with clarity? Educational Multimedia Research Centre, University of Calicut is organising a workshop on Typography and Visual Design on 23rd & 24th June 2022 at ‘Aryabhatta Hall, Science Block (CSIF), University of Calicut.

1. To enable participants to look at typography and design as a rational system of communication - so that they can use it well in their individual areas of work.
2. Introductory exposure to typography and design as a visual language with its history, techniques and expressions.
3. Learning to be attentive to the elements of visual communication.  

The workshop will deals with:
1. The history of typefaces and their classification.
2. The design of typefaces and their character. (This would touch upon a few Indian typefaces)
3. How typography relates to the other fundamental elements of visual communication - colour & contrast, form & space, grids, resolution and sizing.
4. How some fonts are more readable and some are more legible.
5. How fonts work in consonance with each other.
6. How fonts work as a logo, as a word / image or as a mnemonic (to aid remembrance).


Faculty Biography

Workshop Schedule:

Day Sessions
  Day-1 Morning
  Class presentation
  + Q&A session

   Typography Forest
    1. Intro to Visual Design
    2. History of Typefaces (or Fonts).
    3. Logos: About reading & seeing
  Day-1 Afternoon
  Short presentations
  + Hands on session + Q&A.

   Typography Forest: Animals, shapes and behaviour.
    1. Classification of Typefaces
    2. Elements of design
    3. Print & screen fonts
    4. Information design
Hands-on practice session in groups of 3 – 5.
  Day-2 Morning
  Short presentations
  + Hands on session + Q&A.

   Typography Forest: Oxygen and open spaces.
    1. Form & space in a layout.
    2. Grids, format sizes
    3. Print & screen layouts
Class presentation + continuing practice sessions.
  Day-2 Afternoon
  Presentation +
  Critique session

   Participants’ presentation
Presentation / critique session of the participants’ work.